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Deals & Giveaways

At BashBLOK, we love decorating for the holidays, especially when that holiday is centered around a large feast. We found fresh and fabulous printables from our friends at LollyJane perfect for adding a little something extra to this year's Turkey Celebration. Spice up menus, placemats, banners, wreaths and much, much more with these creative antler and feather designs. Definitely, BashBLOK approved!

At BashBLOK, we are always on the lookout for a killer deal. One of our favorite retailers, Nordstrom, is just days away from their most popular sale of the year. Why is this sale so exciting? It is brand new merchandise at major discounts! You can snag an array of items perfect for your next bash at nearly half the cost. Get ready, this event starts July 17th and ends August 3rd. See some of our top picks for getting bash ready and check out the guide to shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale from Bubbles and Ink.