BashBLOK | Bash Basics: Event Planning Tips
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Bash Basics: Event Planning Tips

Bash Basics: Event Planning Tips

At BashBLOK, we want your bash to be a smash! We have designed our platform so you can better manage and enjoy the event planning process. Our goal is to centralize communication, promote idea sharing and keep track of critical information in one place…for FREE! BashBLOK was inspired by personal frustrations with event planning so we understand how to small stuff becomes a big deal.


To plan a bash with ease, we believe the lines of communication should always be open for those involved in the planning process. Our collaboration capabilities allow for all planners to see, manage and bring ideas to the table. Adding a ‘Co-Host’ or ‘Contributor’ to your next bash is a piece of cake! During your bash set-up, simply add a registered user by email address.


Have more friends that want to join the planning fun? No problem! Collaborators can always be added later under ‘Edit a Bash’. Happy planning!



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