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Planning & Budgeting

We are in full blown engagement season which means, it is a reason for celebration. Engagements are oh so very exciting but very overwhelming at the same time. It seems as though wedding preparations are never ending and that to-do list grows at an epic rate. To make at least one item on that to-list a little less daunting we have put together our top ten must-have gift registry items. Regardless of how big or small your wedding may be, we STRONGLY recommend a gift registry of some kind. Reason being, it is the perfect time to get some super nice household items you may not be able to justify buying for yourself like fancy china or a mega expensive blender. Also, with apps like Zola,, Giftster, etc. you can build a registry without having to leave your home. However, getting to experience the magic a registry price scanner is quite thrilling.

Ah, weddings. They are the most joyous of occasions and at BashBLOK, we absolutely love them. A beautiful bride, handsome groom, delicious cake, hours of dancing and lots, and lots, of money spent. Let's face it, weddings are mucho expensive more often than not, couples go over budget. How does this happen? Even if you have done your research and know the average price tag of a wedding there are a lot of small, hidden costs people often fail to mention. We have learned a thing or two in our years of researching weddings and are delighted to share our tips on how to avoid wedding spending surprises.

We’ve all experienced our fair share of party planning disasters…I certainly know I have. Breakdowns in communication, going over budget, disorganized information and pretty much all the joy taken out of the celebration is what inspired me to found BashBLOK. My main goal was to make event planning fun again by creating a web application for planners everywhere to save time, enjoy collaborating and keep all the details in one place.

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and at BashBLOK, we know a thing or two about properly celebrating the holiday devoted to love. The cliche last minute flowers and heart shaped boxes of candy simply will not do. We think loved ones deserve even a small amount of preparedness. Fear not, our Valentine’s picks are not an ongoing list of extravagant grand gestures. Sometimes it truly is the little things that count most so get ready to knock the socks off your special someone.

Your BFF just got engaged over the holidays. Yay! Such happy news calls for a celebration. Though we love traditional showers with tiny sandwiches and fancy fruit tea we have become quite fond of the couple's shower. Reason? It allows for everyone, both guys and gals, to share in the excitement of the upcoming nuptials. Also, it is the perfect time for both friend groups to get to know one another. The “your friends” vs. “my friends” now becomes “our friends.” To throw the perfect couple’s shower keep these tips and tricks in mind.

Planning an event is no easy task. Between the endless email chains, text messages, links that lead to nowhere and bossy co-planners, event planning has become a hot mess of stress! BashBLOK was inspired by personal frustration with planning events so we hear you. Our application is dedicated to streamlining this process by creating a single destination to better plan and manage any event from birthday parties to the black tie wedding. But before planning any bash I always start with these 5 bash basics.

At BashBLOK, we want your bash to be a smash! We have designed our platform so you can better manage and enjoy the event planning process. Our goal is to centralize communication, promote idea sharing and keep track of critical information in one place...for FREE! BashBLOK was inspired by personal frustrations with event planning so we understand how to small stuff becomes a big deal.