BashBLOK | 10 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts
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10 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts

10 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and at BashBLOK, we know a thing or two about properly celebrating the holiday devoted to love. The cliche last minute flowers and heart shaped boxes of candy simply will not do. We think loved ones deserve even a small amount of preparedness. Fear not, our Valentine’s picks are not an ongoing list of extravagant grand gestures. Sometimes it truly is the little things that count most so get ready to knock the socks off your special someone.

1 – A completed “How Do I Love Thee From A-Z” book – A sweet reminder to your loved one on what makes your relationship truly unique. 

2 – A Couple’s Cooking Class at Sur la Table – Go as a couple or with a group friends. Either way you are sure to have a good time and a full belly.

3 – A Surprise Trip – This could be a short car ride to a quaint, small town B&B or an romantic destination abroad. The point is to go some place where you can spend time together without everyday distractions. Book your next trip with the ultimate negotiator,

4 – Spa Treatment & Dinner – What could be better than a day of relaxation followed by a delicious meal? If you are a good cook, a quiet dinner in may be in order and your loved one will more than appreciate the effort. However, if you and the kitchen do not get along, try dinner out at a restaurant you both will enjoy. Find a spa near you with

5 – Professional House Cleaning…enough said – If this is not a part of your current house maintenance routine then it is most definitely quite a treat. Find a reliable cleaning service at

6 –  A Year of Letter Writing – This is by far our favorite pick. Even if you live together, send your special someone a letter a week for one year. Focus on all things positive in your relationship and why you are grateful to have them in your life. This is beyond romantic and so special. We found this gorgeous stationary at Zazzle

7 – Old Hollywood Movie Marathon – Cary Grant, Paul Newman and Humphrey Bogart knew a thing or two about love…fellas, take notes! “The Long, Hot Summer”, “To Catch A Thief” and “Sabrina” are our top picks. 

8 – A Monthly Delivery Subscription – There are lots of these out there from whiskey, to coffee and art. Our favorites are Craft Beer Club, Turntable Kitchen and Intelligentsia Coffee. It’s pretty much like getting a little Valentine every month.

9 – Roller Skating or Ice Skating – There is something nostalgic and oh so romantic about skating rinks. Whichever you choose, the rink is sure to have a familiar, love themed soundtrack playing around Valentine’s Day. Be sure to sing because we know you know all the words to “My Heart Will Go On.”

10 – Something personalized – Hence ‘personal’. We love the idea of a modern wire bangle or cufflinks as they are often great wearable conversation pieces. Bracelet: Woobie Beans, Etsy & Cufflinks: Brass & Chain, Etsy