BashBLOK | Bash Basics: 5 Stress Free Event Planning Tips!
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Bash Basics: 5 Stress Free Event Planning Tips!

Bash Basics: 5 Stress Free Event Planning Tips!

Planning an event is no easy task. Between the endless email chains, text messages, links that lead to nowhere and bossy co-planners, event planning has become a hot mess of stress! BashBLOK was inspired by personal frustration with planning events so we hear you. Our application is dedicated to streamlining this process by creating a single destination to better plan and manage any event from birthday parties to the black tie wedding. But before planning any bash I always start with these 5 bash basics.

1. Decide on a Theme
Is your bash more casual or formal? Are you planning for a pirate or a princess? You get the idea. The theme will set the tone for your bash and is the best place to start as it affects other areas of planning. Keeping track of all your fabulous ideas is a snap with BashBLOK. After creating a “Bash” with our application simply add individual “Categories” to stay organized. Within each Category, upload inspiration “bloks” from personal photos or websites.


2. Set a Budget
Yes we know, this is easier said than done. Budget tracking was a key component when developing the BashBLOK application as it is really easy to lose sight and mind of spending. Fear not! We make budget tracking easy. Transactions are added individually in the application to give you a breakdown of your spending. As your planning continues, transactions can be easily added and are automatically calculated in your overall budget down to the penny.


3. Make a Menu
This ties directly back in to your theme. Casual or formal? Pirate or Princess? Our biggest piece of advise is prepare as much as you can in the days prior to your bash or consider catering. Catering does not have to be expensive. Places like Chipotle, Publix and often local restaurants offer catering. When you break it down, these options can be very cost effective. The less time you spend in the kitchen means the more time you have with your guests. However, if you are feeling like a high achiever, planning a menu on BashBLOK is wicked fun. Uploading your favorite food and drink items within a Category offers an excellent visual on how your menu is shaping up.



4. Make Checklists
The beauty of BashBLOK is we are awesome at this! Checklists, or “Tasks” as we call them, are also categorized like budget items so there is a breakdown of all those pesky details.BashTasks

5. Ask for Help!
More than likely, you have been offered help for hosting or planning in the past and kindly turned it down. There is no shame in accepting help. You will have more time to actually enjoy your bash if there are more hands on deck. Plus, co-planners can be easily added to any bash so everyone involved stays in the loop.

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