BashBLOK | 10 Surprise Wedding Expenses
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10 Surprise Wedding Expenses

10 Surprise Wedding Expenses

Ah, weddings. They are the most joyous of occasions and at BashBLOK, we absolutely love
them. A beautiful bride, handsome groom, delicious cake, hours of dancing and lots, and lots, of
money spent. Let’s face it, weddings are mucho expensive more often than not, couples go over
budget. How does this happen? Even if you have done your research and know the average
price tag of a wedding there are a lot of small, hidden costs people often fail to mention. We
have learned a thing or two in our years of researching weddings and are delighted to share our
tips on how to avoid wedding spending surprises.
1) Overages and service charges – Make sure you read the fine print in ALL your wedding
contracts. Remember, at the end of the day, vendors have to cover their own costs in order to
stay in business. Overages in time, mileage and other resources cost money for them ergo you
will be responsible for such.

2) Gratuity – Most venues and catering companies should mention this during a consultation but if
not, be advised, gratuity will more than likely be added to a bill.

3) Taxes – Considering taxes are added to nearly every purchase we make you would think this to
be an obvious and routine expense. But, taxes are often a forgotten when setting a wedding

4) Undergarments and Accessories – Many just set a budget for a dress and stop there. Well, there
is not only the cost of the dress to consider but also undergarments, shoes, jewelry, hair pieces,
etc. Wedding attire is not your everyday silhouette and most likely you will need a fancy bra and
other specialty pieces to ensure a proper fitting dress. Those can cost lots money as do formal
shoes and accessories.

5) Alterations – It is not uncommon for a bride to shed a few pounds before a wedding. However,
keep in mind a gown purchased months in advance may be in need of last minute alterations to
accommodate a last minute weight loss.

6) Beauty Treatments – Spending a day at the spa is certainly a favorite for team BashBLOK but
again, lots of money. Remember to consider the costs for hair styling, facials, manicures,
pedicures, and any other services you plan to book to prepare for your big day.

7) Party Clothing – Honestly, many end up with a whole new wardrobe courtesy of a wedding and
the surrounding events. That is all fine and good but be mindful of where you are spending. Try
to find pieces that you can wear again post wedding. Separates are always a great option and
add versatility to a wardrobe.

8) Thank you note stationary and stamps – A couple needs to write a thank you note for EVERY
gift they receive. This is an absolute must for team BashBLOK. Between all showers, parties
and the wedding itself, it is possible you will have hundreds of thank you notes to write. Between
the stationary and stamp you could easily spend over a dollar per note adding up to hundreds of

9) Hostess Gifts – If someone is throwing you a shower the polite thing to do is offer a hostess gift.
Many couples have multiple showers and parties in the months leading up to a wedding and
these types of expenses can add up very quickly.

10) Pre-marital counseling – Though some officiants may complementary offer this, be prepared for
this expense just in case.