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Bash at Home Basics

Bash at Home Basics

At BashBLOK, we love a good bash at home. Relaxing on comfy furniture with friends and family is always in order and enjoyed in every season. If you love to entertain at home as we do, there are a few bash basics to consider.

1) Prepare in advance…particularly, food and drinks.

This means, having a plan. More than likely, it will take twice as long to cook than you think and your guests will notice a rumbly tummy far more than that speck of dusk on the mantel. Prioritize where it matters. Once a guest list is prepared, decide on a menu. From there, determine cooking time, prepare as much a day or two in advance and better yet, organize all the to-do’s for you bash with the BashBLOK “Tasks” feature.


2) Consider Food & Beverage Stations

Have you ever noticed how guests seem to congregate in the kitchen? To avoid the kitchen clump set up food and beverage stations throughout your entertaining spaces.

Bash Tip: Keep track of menu ideas by adding a Category Board filled with Bloks of your favorite recipes.

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3) Have Multi-Use Furniture Pieces

If you are pressed for space, having a few signature pieces that serve double duty from day to night may just be in order. We love these ideas from the Between Naps on the Porch Blog on transforming every day pieces in to extraordinary entertaining essentials.

Source: My Living Room Is Hiding A Secret