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BashBLOK Gifts for Mother’s Day

BashBLOK Gifts for Mother’s Day

At BashBLOK, we love our mamas so, everyday is Mother’s Day. If you are like us, you’ve been buying gifts for mom for a couple decades plus so finding the perfect gift is more of a challenge. However, don’t fret. We’ve been searching for days to curate the perfect list of goodies to show mom just how much you care. 

Our first find is an excellent choice for the mom-to-be. Blending fashion with convenience “LaBelle Bump” offers rentable maternity clothing delivered right to your door. Simply create a style profile at, pick your plan and BOOM…new clothes without the hassle of  having to leave your home. LaBelle Bump offers gift cards and we LOVE the idea of this for a Baby Shower gift.

lbb4 copy

Next on the list is from one of our favorite local and family owned companies, Rinse Bath and Body Co. based right outside Atlanta in Monroe, GA. We are strong supporters of this brand as we are avid users of their products. Among our favorites, also perfect for mom, are Peppermint Shower Bombs, the Dead Sea Mud Mask and the Flower Box, which has the most delightfully scented hand made soaps. Spoil mom and be sure to get a few things for yourself.

rinse3 copyrinse2 copyrinse1 copy

Straight from the heart our last couple picks are true treasures and very unique. Memory books are always a favorite with moms but these kick special up a few notches. Whether you live 10 minutes or 10 hours from mom, the art of letter writing is brought back to life with the “Mother Daughter Letter Book”. Once completed, letters are kept in secret pockets to make an extraordinary keepsake. This really is “the gift that keeps on giving” and you just may win best child ever by gifting this to mom. Equally as sentimental, “My Family Cookbook” is another excellent choice for wowing mom and passing down family recipes. With space for over 80 recipes and photos we love the idea of hitting up every family member you know to create this modern heirloom.

letter book

cookbook copy

Happy Mother’s Day!

Love, Team BashBLOK