BashBLOK | 5 Pink Picks! National Pink Day
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5 Pink Picks! National Pink Day

5 Pink Picks! National Pink Day

It’s National Pink Day! We at BashBLOK will take just about any reason to celebrate an occasion and today is no exception. Pink is a cheerful color that screams summer, happiness and straight up fun. We Google searched for weeks, well more like hours, to find our top 5 pink picks to not only celebrate this ever so special holiday but the hottest season of the year. We promise you will love these essentials all the way to fall and maybe the winter if you live in the south.



1- Our first pick is this ever so easy and breezy pink floral tea dress from Topshop. We love this not only because it looks like something Kelly would have worn on 90210 but that it’s the perfect summer dress to go from day to night just by changing your accessories.

2- We at BashBLOK LOVE these lightweight towels from Kassatex. This fabulous maker of bath linens is always a top brand for us as they have gorgeous collections at reasonable prices. These towels are excellent for the beach because they dry quickly and make a great sarong without being bulky.

3- So perfectly pink, we are obsessed with this blush duo from Bobbi Brown. Bobbi knows how to make women look naturally gorgeous and this duo is another essential to go from day to night. The lighter shade has just a hint of glow for day while the darker adds a bit of drama for a night out.

4- Oh there is just something so charming about fancy straws. Stripes, polka dots and chevrons this box is filled with utter delight and available through Amazon. Paper straws are always our preference as they are biodegradable. We gotta throw mother nature a break every now and then.

5- Lastly, omg we love this straw tote from Mar Y Sol. Accented with a colorful tassel with an extra roomy size this tote is large enough for your favorite beach towel and plenty of other goodies.