BashBLOK | DIY: Patriotic Centerpiece & Decorations
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DIY: Patriotic Centerpiece & Decorations

DIY: Patriotic Centerpiece & Decorations

Mid summer is upon us and you know what that means. No, we are not talking about all the school supply commercials that still give us anxiety even though we are grown adults. We are talking about the 4th of July, the holiday centered around stars, stripes, fireworks and grilled meat. Though this tends to be a more relaxed holiday it seems preparing for the 4th is often underestimated especially if you are the host for this festive occasion. To make things a little easier for you we have one super simple centerpiece that can be completed in a matter of minutes plus a few creative uses for bandanas. Nothing says ‘Merica like a bandana. And the best part, your guests will think you were prepping your house for days!

First, we are so in love with this ever-so-simple patriotic floral centerpiece. This quite possibly might be the easiest DIY project we have ever or will ever share.

Materials Needed:

A vase of your choosing. Ours is roughly 10″ in diameter by 6″ high.

Large bloom flowers like Hydrangeas. For our centerpiece we used 7 stems.

5-8 Small American flags


Arranging Tips:

Though this may look pretty self explanatory there are a couple things to consider when making this arrangement. To accomplish this flower “tightness” you need to cut your stems short so the petals are resting along the rim of your vase but still have enough length to be near the bottom to soak up water. In general, we prefer an arrangement to be tight and trimmed. Otherwise, your arrangement can look sparse and off balance. Another tip is choose a single large bloom flower for impact and to save you time. If you are ever in doubt on mixing and matching flowers, a single bloom is always an easy but still chic option. Lastly, all you have to do is add your flags. Don’t go overboard here. We used a total of 6 flags, one in the center and the others spaced 5ish inches apart. This gives a nice balance between blooms and showing your national pride.

Now, on to bandanas. These are such versatile little pieces of fabric, are typically inexpensive and can be found at craft stores, Target, Amazon and more. There are endless creative possibilities for a bandana so we have to share a few of our favorite ideas. First, use them as napkins. If they get stained, no big deal as they are easy to replace.


Next, if you are a non-crafting kind of person this is the perfect bandana project for you. All you have to do is fold your bandana in half to make a triangle and tie the ends together. It’s that simple plus, look how cute! We love this idea of using American flag bandanas as opposed to the traditional paisley print. These can be found at Party City.


And lastly, another easy option for the non-crafty person…bandanas used as a bowl liner. This adds a pop of color and is a great option for serving pieces, like a basket, that would otherwise be difficult to clean. Food items like popcorn, chips, crackers and rolls are perfect for this application.


From our team, including the canines, to yours, have a safe and very Happy 4th of July!

xoxo, team BashBLOK