BashBLOK | DIY: Fabulously Frightful Floating Witch Hats
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DIY: Fabulously Frightful Floating Witch Hats

DIY: Fabulously Frightful Floating Witch Hats

Hands down, Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday. Reason being, it’s the only holiday with no pressure to perform, you get to be a little silly and no one will judge should you choose not to participate in all the spook-tacular festivities. However, I always choose to participate and decorate my home inside and out. I love getting my craft on during this time of year and never tire of creating unique and oh-so-special pieces to add to my arsenal of decorations. One of my favorite Halloween decorations is putting twinkle light spin on a plain witches hat. These are perfect for hanging from trees, in stairwells, suspended from the ceiling and so much more. This craft is super duper easy, has tremendous impact and best of all, is mega budget friendly (our favorite).

Enjoy! xoxo,


Supplies List:

  1. Witch Hats – I found a pack of 6 with free shipping on eBay…can’t beat that!
  2. Fairy Lights – These are inexpensive, twinkly and battery operated. I also use these lights for floral arrangements and other holiday decorations so I promise you will get good use out of them. Available at Walmart┬áin a pack of 6.
  3. Clear fishing Line – You probably already have this on hand but just in case, you can find this also at Walmart.
  4. Plastic Sandwich Bags – These will only be needed if you plan to hang the hats outside to keep the lights from getting wet should you experience rain. I had my witch hats outside for 7 weeks last year and the lights are still in great working order for this year. Holiday decorating win! Double Zipper Mega Pack
  5. Hand Needle – Make sure you have a needle that fishing line can easily slip through. A multi-pack is always a good idea as needles tend to get dull after several uses.